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While technology itself doesn't deliver on a promise, the right technology used properly can play a powerful role in supply chain visibility and service consistency.

Web Consignment

Our Web Consignment solution allows customers access to the same information we see in our system for all shipments on their account, including status updates, imaged POD's, individual shipment pricing and invoicing and payment details. Web Consignment is available to all customers via a secure login on the Home Page of this website. Please Contact Us to set up your password protected login details.

Web Despatch

For customers with consistent freight volumes our free Web Despatch system is a convenient online tool allowing them to create consignments from a receiver database, generate consignment notes and labels, and download the data directly to the Cochrane's Freight Management System. Web Despatch is available via a secure login on the Home Page of this website. Please Contact Us for more information.

EDI Solutions

The Cochrane's Freight Management System is extremely flexible and accommodating to both proprietary freight software such as IFS and SupplyMaster as well as customers own software packages. Where other companies are often regimented and uncompromising around file formats and processes, Cochrane's is able to work with almost all customer requirements in order to build a suitable solution. We are also able to provide reverse data feeds back into customers for things such as status updates and POD images, allowing their own system to control all supply chain information.

Handheld Scanners for Checkpoint Status Updates

Cochrane's has invested heavily in handheld scanning devices over the last 3 years, utilising both the Motorola MC75a and Motorola TC55 devices. Scanners are a valuable tool for identifying the status of a shipment, such as; Received into Depot, Onboard for Delivery, Transferred to Agent, Bookin Required etc. We constantly measure our scanning performance to ensure that we are maximising the use of this technology so that our Customer Service team is able to respond to queries and website searches are informative.

Proof of Delivery (POD) Imaging and Availability

We appreciate that in many cases a sign on screen solution is either not sufficient or in many regional areas is unobtainable. Our POD solution is centred around making an imaged copy of the POD available to our customers as soon as possible. Major country agents are set up with imaging machines with the objective that all POD's completed in the day will be uploaded and available for website searches that same afternoon. POD's from smaller agents are generally available the first business day after delivery.

Emailed Invoices

Invoicing via email is actively encouraged with all our customers. Invoices can be provided in PDF format or both .PDF and .CSV where customers need to manage the data for reconciliation or import to their finance systems.

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Advertiser Newspapers Pty Ltd have enjoyed a business relationship with Peter Cochrane Management Pty Ltd for over 20 years. Cochrane's experience and understanding of the intricacies and issues involved with the nightly production and delivery of newspapers is paramount. Their flexibility and communication is a vital component of our supply chain, ensuring a safe, prompt and cost-effective service is on offer to deliver our newspapers throughout the state in a timely manner.

Nothing is too much bother and a solution is always on offer to assist with delivery requirements - 364 nights of the year. The friendly, knowledgeable staff we deal with on a daily basis is testament to this proud South Australian company.

Andrew Carlisle
Regional Logistics Manager SA/NT - News Ltd/Advertiser Newspapers

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